Pay Per Click(PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is an online marketing method that involves an advertiser putting up a text, graphic or multimedia ad on another website (most commonly a search engine) and paying for every time somebody clicks on the ad and is redirected to their website. The advertiser pays for every visitor they receive as a result of people clicking on their ads, whether or not that visit resulted in a sale. In most pay per click programs, the advertiser puts up a small text ad that will appear next to search engine results for specified keywords. However, it is possible for an advertiser to have their ads displayed on other sites, such as social networking websites. The advertiser can also use other ad formats than just plain text, such as text and a small image, graphic ads, and even multimedia ads that include video, animations or a Flash-based mini game.


PPC is different from organic search engine optimization (SEO) in many ways. When you run a pay per click campaign on a search engine like Google, you will have to pay for every click you receive. You can select the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click for your chosen keywords during the PPC bidding process. The higher you bid, the higher your chances are that your ad will appear at the top of sponsored search results. With organic SEO, you do not need to pay for the traffic, no matter how many visitors you receive. While some optimization is necessary if you want to run a successful PPC campaign, the amount of on-page optimization, such as minding the amount of keywords appearing in your content will be a bit less than with SEO. Furthermore, off-page factors, like the amount of backlinks going to your site, will have little impact on a PPC campaign’s success. There is thus no need to embark on a lengthy link building campaign before you can get some results from using PPC advertising on search engines such as Google and Bing. Using PPC online has several distinct advantages.


The most important one is the possibility to get traffic flowing to your website in just a few minutes. You can start, stop and modify campaigns instantly as well. By adjusting the PPC bid amount, which is the maximum price you are willing to pay for a click, you can have your site appear at the top of sponsored search results for your desired keywords. This allows you to get a decent amount of traffic to your site, even if it is brand new and you haven’t done any SEO on it yet. By doing PPC keyword research and learning more about how PPC works, you can optimize your campaigns so that they deliver a good amount of traffic to your site at a price that you can afford. In the world of online marketing, there are many PPC advertising services that you can use to promote your website. The most popular ones are Google AdWords and Bing PPC, as they are centered around the two most popular search engines on the Internet. Facebook also has a PPC advertising service that allows you to target social media users by location and demographics.

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