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Email marketing involves using a bulk email service to send email messages with the goal of promoting your website. While some may associate the term “bulk email” with spam, legitimate email campaigns involve sending messages only to recipients who have previously consented to receiving marketing messages from you by opting in on your website or social media page. A mailing list allows you to keep in touch with your current and potential customers by sending them messages that will encourage them to buy something from your website. Email marketing lists can be a very important part of your overall online marketing strategy, as they give you an additional way of staying in touch with your target audience. Your email messages will serve to remind the recipients that your site exists and can them something of value. There are a couple of ways to create a mailing list that you can use together with a mass email service. You can include an email capture box on your main website and on your social media pages. Show your visitors the advantages of signing up for the newsletter, such as access to special promotions and deals on a regular basis. You can also include an email opt-in on your checkout page, which will let anyone who buys something from you receive updates from your company in the future.
If you’re looking for an email marketing solution, it is better to deal with professional email marketing companies. This is mainly due to limitations imposed by the most common email providers. Gmail allows a maximum of 500 recipients for each message, Microsoft limits this to 100 different recipients per day and Yahoo limits you to sending 100 emails or recipients each hour. Growing your email list can be done by making your email capture boxes on your site more prominent and encouraging people to share your content with others, which can result in it going viral, thus getting you more email subscribers.
Email marketing can be used to send out newsletters, which can be easily put together with a newsletter creator. Newsletters are email messages that include informational content about your company, its products and your industry in general, in addition to strictly promotional messages. A newsletter tool allows you to design a great looking newsletter that will make your recipients actually want to read it. Using email marketing programs as part of an email marketing campaign is a relatively inexpensive online marketing method when compared to others. It is also very easy to track: you can get statistics on how many people opened your message and how manyhave clicked on one of its links. This lets you see what type of email marketing templates and message contents give you the best results.
One of the best email marketing software tools is Constant Contact, as it allows you to easily set up your campaigns and send out your messages. The creators offer a free trial so you can determine whether their tool is right for you. When it comes to managing email subscriptions, Aweber is a service used by countless webmasters and email marketers. It lets you set up autoresponders, manage your email list, as well as schedule when messages are sent and to who with great ease.

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