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Social media marketing is one of the many methods you can employ to get new visitors to your website. Being present on social networks will help your online marketing efforts in numerous ways. It will help build your overall presence on the Internet by showing your potential clients that you are a real business that is here to stay, as opposed to being a fly-by-night site. The large number of people who visit social networking sites every day make using social media for business a very good marketing strategy, as you will have access to millions of potential customers right from the start. You can keep your target audience informed about your business by making regular posts and updates. For example, if you’re launching a new promotion, you can make a post about it on your Facebook page. Finally, having pages on various social networking sites that include links to your main website can be beneficial in terms of SEO.


Social media promotion for your business can be done in various ways. The least expensive one is to simply create a page for your business and promote it through other channels so that people become your fans on the social network and start following your posts. If they like what they see, they may share your page with others, who may then subscribe to your page as well. Social media advertising can also be done by using the social network’s paid ad services. Facebook, for example, allows you to buy pay-per-click ads that will be displayed when someone from your target demographic uses the social network. When it comes to social media for small business, the networks most commonly used are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Facebook is the world’s largest social media site with over 1 billion active members, which helps you interact with both current and future customers. Twitter is a social microblogging site that lets you send out short messages called “Tweets”, which makes it useful as a vehicle for delivering news and updates about your company. Google+ allows you to use a unique social marketing concept, as it lets users write reviews about your business if they’ve used your service. Having a profile on Google+ with numerous positive reviews from your customers will help improve your local SEO as well.


The advantages of using social media for marketing are quite numerous: it allows you to instantly connect with millions of people who may be interested in your products, it can be easily integrated with and used alongside other online marketing channels (PPC ads,email marketing, SEO, etc.), it allows you to not only acquire new customers, but also to build customer loyalty by keeping in touch with your buyers. Finally, there are plenty of social media management tools that will let you manage your online presence throughout the networks you’re using, plus measure the results that your campaigns have had.

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