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About the company

Web.com is a company that offers more than just online web hosting to its clients. They provide solutions for businesses that need custom web design, managed e-commerce sites, search engine marketing solutions, lead generation, social media marketing, domain registration, hosted email, online reputation management and email marketing services. Web.com has been providing these services for 30 years with over 3 million customers, so they know what businesses need when it comes to online marketing solutions, including the importance of having a well-made and functional website.


Hosting Plans overview

Web.com has 3 web hosting packages, called Essential, Professional and Premium. The main difference between them is the amount of data you can store and the number of email addresses you can have. Unlike other companies that claim you can host an unlimited amount of data on a single hosting account and then subject you to various limitations if you exceed an unpublished quota, Web.com is upfront about the disk space available to you with each online web hosting account. Websites are still subject to their Acceptable Use Policy, but this mainly concerns sites which could load of traffic that could have a negative impact on the performance of the server.

Pricing concerns

The prices for Web.com’s web hosting packages are higher than most other providers out there. With an annual term, the price for the ssential plan is $9.96/month. The Professional is $13.29/month and Premium costs $29.13/month. Payment can be done by credit card. ven though the prices are much higher than with other hosts, Web.com only requires you to pay for 1 year in advance to get their best rice, unlike other providers which may require you to prepay for 36 months.

Disc Space & Bandwidth

The amount of disk space and bandwidth offered with each plan is:

Essential Hosting
  • Disk space: 300GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
Professional Hosting
  • Disk space: 500GB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
Premium Hosting
  • Disk space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Customer Services

Customer support can be reached either by phone or by email. While technical support is open 24 hours a day, depending on the ature of your problem, you may need to be transferred several times before finally reaching someone who can actually help you. Waiting imes for support by phone are reported to be average and emails are usually answered with in a few hours during normal business ours.

Feature provided

Web.com provides some interesting features, but isn’t the best web hosting site if you’re hoping to get hundreds of different features ncluded with your account. Nonetheless, they allow you to host 100 websites on one account, let you get 10, or 25 email mailboxes with 0 or 125GB of email storage, plus support various scripting and development languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP5, Zend and Python.


Reliability and uptime

Web.com’s reliability has been independently measured in many web hosting reviews. It comes out to about 99.8%, which is quite good or a shared hosting provider. Web.com has multiple data centers around the country, as well as servers that have been optimized to eliver web content fast. This increases the reliability and loading speed of your website.

Ease of use

This web hosting provider is very easy to use, as they deployed the latest version of the cPanel control panel, which is the standard among some of the world’s best hosting companies. They also added numerous video tutorials that are designed to make it easier for you to build and manage your website.

Website Building Tools available

Web.com has a simple, drag and drop web builder available, but it is really lacking in features and allows you to make only an extremely simple website with little user interactivity. You can, however, upload almost any content management system that you want onto their servers and install it. One of the most flexible ones is WordPress, as it has thousands of different templates and plugins available. urthermore, it can be used for a wide variety of websites, like business sites or image galleries, even though it is primarily known as a logging platform.

Bottom line:

webhosting-problemsWith all of this considered, Web.com is more for people who want a complete business solution, consisting not only of hosting, but also other business services like SEO or social media marketing.

Our Tip:

With all of this considered, Web.com is more for people who want a complete business solution, consisting not only of hosting, but also other business services like SEO or social media marketing.

 Web.com Pros

Very reliable service run by a serious company that has been a round for over a decade. Availability of numerous business services to customers in addition to hosting. Generous allotments of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

 Web.com Cons

Definitely not a cheap web hosting provider, costs many times more than other companies. Limited number of email addresses per account. Many ontent management systems not available through one-click installer, must be uploaded and installed manually by the user.

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