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iPage is a web hosting company that has offered its services for the past 10 years. Their main service they offered is shared web hosting, which allows you to get a website online quickly and easily, all while keeping your costs down. The company uses two data centers located in Boston, which have over 800 servers and host more than a million websites.

Hosting plans overview

Unlike some other hosts that have several different plans with varying amounts of storage space, bandwidth and number of websites allowed, iPage simply has one main hosting plan. It offers users unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited hosting space and the ability to host an unlimited number of websites on a single account. For business users that only need email hosting, iPage also provides email hosting solutions that also let you do online document sharing and team collaboration.

Disc Space & Bandwidth

Shared hosting with iPage allows you to store and transfer an unlimited amount of data. However, keep in mind that a “normal operation” usage policy applies. Those who use large amounts of storage space or monthly bandwidth could see their accounts suspended. However, this does not affect 99.95% of personal and small business customers. If you need to host websites that are very resource-intensive, such as a large e-commerce site or a discussion forum that receives thousands of visitors each day, shared hosting products like iPage’s service are not for you.

Pricing concerns

While iPage offers very attractive hosting prices, such as hosting for $1.99 per month and a free domain. Furthermore, the promotional price is only valid for the initial term and renews at the regular rate posted on their website. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.


Customer Services

Customer support offered by iPage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can be reached by phone, live chat, or email. Unlike some other hosting companies that outsource their support to cheap overseas call centers, iPage has 100% American support.

Available Features

Numerous features are included for free with your iPage hosting account. Examples include: free e-commerce shopping carts, a web building app, unlimited email accounts, a free photo gallery and a blog setup wizard.

Reliability and uptime

Every webmaster wants a website that stays up and runs without any problems. iPage has been active in the hosting industry for over a decade and delivers top reliability thanks to their wide pool of servers. Their redundant data center architecture is designed to offer maximum uptime, as even if one component fails, others will take over instantly.

Ease of use

If you’re looking for a web host that is easy to use, iPage has many features that will help you create and administer your website easily. The control panel interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to find all the needed settings used to manage your website. You also get apps such as a web builder, which can let you create a website in just a few minutes without any coding.

Website Building Tools available

iPage makes numerous website building and content management tools available to you through their SimpleScripts installer. The 3 most common systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. All of them can be used to build various types of websites, such as blogs, business sites, and even simple e-commerce sites. These content management systems all have thousands of freely available themes and plugins, which allows you to modify the look of your site easily with minimal technical knowledge. They also make editing and adding new content to your site very easy. For those who want a really simple website that won’t be updated too often, iPage also offers a free drag and drop web builder tool, but its limitation is that you can only have a maximum of 6 pages on your site.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that iPage provides good quality hosting for personal and small business users. This providers offers a variety of hosting features that will fit the needs of most webmasters.

iPage Pros


Affordable and reliable. Easy installation of scripts and software to build or run your website. Unlimited number of websites per account, unlimited data transfer, storage and bandwidth.

iPage Cons 

Shared hosting is not suitable for large or high-traffic websites. No monthly payment option, you must pay a minimum of 12 months in advance. Our special tip: if you’re building a website for the first time, you should take the time necessary to familiarize yourself with some of the web building tools offered by iPage and test them out. This will make it easier to select the right one for your site.


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