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“About” the company Many web hosting companies now claim that they are “green” and respectful of the environment, as they partly use renewable energies to power their data center or buy wind energy credits. However, GreenGeeks takes things one step further. Not only is the company 300% wind powered, but they deploy many other environmental protection programs in their offices and data centers, such as using energy saving fans to cool down servers, reducing the amount of paperwork used during their operations, encouraging employees to bring their own lunch and share it with coworkers to reduce waste, as well as having part of the staff telecommute to reduce pollution caused by transportation.

Hosting plans overview

GreenGeeks offers shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller web hosting plans. Most small business users will opt to go withtheir shared hosting package, which gives a free domain name, unlimited email, various script and software tools, nightly backups and optimized servers that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Disc Space & Bandwidth Besides its commitment to green web hosting, one of the most interesting features of the GreenGeeks hosting service is the fact that you can host an unlimited number of domains, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, subject to their “Fair Use” policy. This allows you to have several small business sites hosted on one account.

Pricing concerns

Their main shared hosting plan is called “EcoSite” and costs $4.95 per month if you prepay for 36 months. The 24 month option costs $6.95 per month and the 12 month plan is $7.95 per month. There is also an option that allows you to pay monthly, however it won’t give you a cheap web hosting price, as it costs $14.95 per month, plus a one-time setup fee of $15.00. New customers who take a plan for 12, 24 or 36 months will get a free domain for life. Payment can be done by credit card or PayPal.

Customer Services

Unlike other web hosting sites, GreenGeeks doesn’t outsource its customer support tasks to foreign firms. Rather, all customer support is handled in North America. Support can be reached 24/7/365 through live chat, phone, email or byopening a support ticket on their website.

Feature provided

The standard feature set provided by GreenGeeks is quite impressive. You get a free starter site, free migration of your existing site if you have one at another host, unlimited POP3 or IMAP email accounts, free search engine submission and online marketing package, as well as hundreds of scripts and web development tools such as Moodle, phpForms, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bulletin Board Tools, form-mail and various guestbooks. This gives you everything you need tobuild a professional and functional website.

Reliability and uptime

Anyone looking for the top web hosting site knows the importance of reliability. After all, having a website that is slow or unresponsive could mean that you are losing valuable customers. GreenGeeks offers all hosting customers 99.9% uptime by hosting all sites in a world-class environment on top of the line servers. They do not overload their shared servers with too many hosting accounts, in an effort to lower the server’s average workload, thus giving everyone a website that runsat optimal performance levels

Ease of use

While GreenGeeks is one of the web hosting sites that are more geared towards tech-savvy customers, they do have many features designed to make things easier for beginners as well. You get video and written tutorials, a detailed FAQ section and a help section that covers every aspect of their service.

Website Building Tools available

The basic drag and drop web builder can be used by someone who wants to quickly create a site without too much
customization. However, if you want a site that is more adapted to your needs, you can use one of the content management systems (Joomla, WordPress, Durpal), provided in the online installer. These systems allow you to install custom templates, plugins and widgets that will make your site a lot more functional.

Bottom line

As you can see from this web hosting review, GreenGeeks is an environmentally-friendly host that offers high-quality hosting solutions designed to fit the needs of various categories of clients.greengeeks_badge
GreenGeeks Pros:
Free domain for life and unlimited hosting.
Very environmentally-friendly company.
VPS, dedicated and reseller accounts available for larger businesses and more advanced users.
GreenGeeks Cons:
Price is higher than some competitors, especially if you choosethe monthly option.

Our tip:

If you host your site at GreenGeeks, you can get a “Green Tag” on your site that shows it is hosted in anenvironmentally-friendly data center.

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