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About the company 

Since 1999, Dotster specializes in providing small and medium-sized businesses with a wide range of services and tools that they need to succeed in the online world. This includes domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting, professional web design and business services like SEO and email marketing. The company is currently based in Burnlington, MA and powers over 4.4 million websites.



Hosting plans overview

There are 3 main web hosting plans offered by Dotster, called Basic, Deluxe and Ultra. The Basic plan only allows you to host 1 website under your account. It includes 100 email boxes, and 10 MySQL databases (necessary if your use a content management system or e-commerce platform). The Deluxe plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites, plus allows for 250 email accounts and 25 MySQL databases. The Ultra hosting plan allows unlimited websites, emails, and MySQL databases.

There are 3 main web hosting plans offered by Dotster, called Basic, Deluxe and Ultra. Here is an overview of each plan: Basic Hosting Number of websites hosted: 1 Website disk space: Unlimited Monthly bandwidth: Unlimited Email accounts: 100 Subdomains: Unlimited MySQL databases: 10 Deluxe Hosting Number of websites hosted: Unlimited Website disk space: Unlimited Monthly bandwidth: Unlimited Email accounts: 250 MySQL Databases: 25 Ultra Hosting Number of websites hosted: Unlimited Website disk space: Unlimited Monthly bandwidth: Unlimited Email accounts: Unlimited MySQL Databases: Unlimited Premium support included

Disc Space & Bandwidth 

All of Dotster’s shared web hosting plans allow unlimited disk space and bandwidth, subject to the company’s terms of service, which states that users who abuse server resources may have their website suspended. However, if you simply host a few small business sites under your account, this should not affect you.

Pricing concerns 


The pricing at this top web hosting site varies depending on the plan you chose and the term for which you prepay. Payment is currently available by credit card as well as paypal. The Basic plan costs $3.75 per month, the Deluxe plan is $6.75 per month and the Ultra plan is $13.75 per month.Basic Hosting1 year: $3.75/month 2 years: $3.75/month 3 years: $3.75/month Deluxe Hosting 1 year: $6.75/month 2 years: $6.75/month 3 years: $6.75/month Ultra Hosting 1 year: $13.75/month 2 years: $13.75/month 3 years: $13.75/month

Customer Services  dotster-square-button2

All Dotster customers get access to 24/7/365 support, available by phone, live chat and email. However, premium support is offered either at an additional cost, or included free for Ultra Hosting clients. It gives you a dedicated support line staffed by the most senior support employees, faster ticket resolution and less waiting time if you contact their support by phone.

Feature provided 

Every hosting package offered by Dotster gives you access to a wide range of web hosting features, such as web based or POP email, a free anti-virus and anti-spam filter for your email addresses, Google webmaster tools, free credits for online advertising services like Yahoo/Bing, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, a free toll-free phone number (US customers only), as well as a collection of free apps that help you build a website for your business, like WordPress, Drupal, b2evolution, PHP-Nuke, TikiWiki, online classifieds, picture galleries, ticket management systems and more.

Reliability and uptime 

All websites hosted at Dotster benefit from their high-efficiency servers. These are located in a Tier-1 data center with the latest equipment, giving you the best in terms of server power while keeping power consumption as low as possible in an effort to protect the environment. Dotster’s data center architecture is designed in a way to minimize downtime and give you the best web hosting experience for your site. This makes it one of the best web hosting sites when it comes to providing reliable service to its customers.

Ease of use  

Dotster’s service is made to be easy to use, even if you’ve never had a website before. They have a series of video guides which will accompany you in creating your website. You also have access to help documentation that teaches you how to use many of the features provided with their web hosting service. 

Website Building Tools available 

This online web hosting provider makes dozens of web building tools available to its customers. While there is a web builder app available, this drag-and-drop tool is mainly suited for those who want to create a very simple website with just a couple of pages. If you want to build a more functional website, you can check out some of their other content management systems. For example, WordPress and b2evolution are available for those who want to build a blog, while CubeCart is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform for those who want to build an online shop and accept online payments easily.

Bottom line

Essentially, Dotster provides affordable web hosting and other services for small and medium-sized businesses that want to build their web presence. Dotster Pros: Wide range of services provided to businesses (hosting, domains, online marketing tools, etc.) Large number of content management and web development tools available. Green web hosting with 150% wind energy offset. Dotster Cons: No monthly billing option, even for the highest-priced plan. Premium support only available if you pay more or choose higher plan, otherwise, waiting time for support is higher.

Our tip

If you’re creating a website for your business, take a look at one of the dozens of content management systems offered at Dotster. You will find solutions that you can use if you’re creating a business site, blog, discussion forum, wiki, support site for your customers, or any other type of website. You should also check out their online marketing solutions if you want to drive more traffic to your site.

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